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Shamballah Yoga Retreats Has the Best Yoga Instructors in Europe

When you hear people talking about practicing yoga at a yoga retreat, what comes to mind? For beginners to the world of yoga, the idea of going on a retreat can be intimidating. After all, what if you aren't prepared? We're here to inform you that our team at the Shamballah Yoga Retreats has the best yoga instructors for beginner practitioners. If you are looking to learn the art of yoga while discovering the benefits of meditation and relaxation, you will want to give our location a call. Let's explore some of the unique ways that Shamballah Yoga Retreats is the perfect yoga retreat for beginners.
Let's start by envisioning your yoga package. Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj' which can translate to 'oneness'. As you embark upon your yoga retreat for beginners, you will be leaning into the idea of oneness. During your yoga retreat, we'll have the best yoga instructors available to walk you through your guided classes. From the comforts of our upscale lodging, you will enjoy your meditation classes just moments away from the beautiful coastline of Sintra's National Park. Our healthy week for beginners includes five nights of stay, delicious and healthy meals, and guided yoga and meditation.
Here at the Shamballah Yoga Retreats, we understand that some of the greatest journeys happen while out in nature. When you want to take a break from practicing yoga, you can follow several other incredible activities that are designed to guide you toward inner peace. For a small sample of our incredible offerings, let's take a closer look at our Sound Journeys. Sound can be a powerful way to reach a deeper place in your relaxation and meditative transformation. Combining different sounds with exotic instruments, our meditative concert guide Alban will bring you on a journey through sonic sound and vocal tones.
If you want to get away from the Shamballah Yoga Retreats to take in the beauty of Portugal, we can provide you with other activities that you will enjoy. Some of our most popular offerings include guided walks, forest therapy, and the art of flow class. An example of our guided walks includes a 2.5-hour journey along with the most scenic areas of the coastline near Sintra's National Park. Along your journey, you will strengthen your body, exercise your lungs, and fill your eyes with beautiful views that you just can't find at home. During the trip, you will even get to walk by actual dinosaur footprints. That's pretty wild, right?
Whether you are just beginning your yoga journey or looking to push your skills to the next level, theShamballah Yoga Retreats is here to help. Call or contact us today to book your trip!

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