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We are living in an increasingly crowded, stressful, and fast-paced world. Whether you are busy with work obligations or you are watching the 24/7 media cycle, it can be hard to find time to unplug and retreat into yourself. For that reason, it may be immensely beneficial to book a vacation to the best yoga meditation retreat Portugal has available. If you are ready to see the world while finding your own inner peace, our team at Shamballah Yoga Retreats is ready to assist you. If you have never gone on a yoga meditation retreat, keep on reading to find out what you are in for!
Here at the Shamballah Yoga Retreat, we know that your life can feel busy and hectic all the time. For that reason, we aim to become the most relaxing meditation retreat Portugal travelers have available to them. Our beautiful yoga meditation retreat is just a ten-minute walk away from the beautiful coastline of the stunning Sintra's National Park. With an infinite view of the ocean and soft sand beneath your feet, how can you not get lost in the moment?
If you aren't smitten by the beautiful cliffs of the Praia da Aguda, then you'll still have the luxury of the Shamballah Yoga Retreat to relax within. As the most relaxing meditation retreat Portugal has available, we focus on making all of our clients as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they pursue their inner peace by way of the many activities that we have available. Our venue can host up to eight people and there are three bathrooms available for guests. When you aren't out taking a walk down to the Magoito Beach or Azenhas do Mar, you can enjoy relaxing on our private terrace that looks toward the ocean. As you relax after your morning meditation, you will get welcomed by the smell of the ocean and the songs of birds waking for the day.
While you stay at the Shamballah Yoga Retreats, you will get to enjoy any number of activities. When we host guests, we like to point them toward the activities that will most ground them in the surrounding world. While we are heavily focused on yoga and meditation, we also offer other service ideas to our clients. If you want to get away from the venue, we highly suggest experiencing forest therapy with our guide, Geeta. Geeta will take you through the mystical paths that weave through Sintra's National Park as you ground and immerse yourself within the natural world.
No matter what flavor of retreat it is that you desire, the Shamballah Yoga Retreats are here for you. Contact our team today to discuss booking your next journey. As the best yoga retreat Portugal has to offer, we are excited to accommodate you.

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