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Where Can I Find the Best Yoga Meditation Retreat Portugal Has to Offer?

When it comes time to take care of yourself, you must attend to your mind as much as your body. For that reason, our team of professionals at the Shamballah Yoga Retreats is ready to host you. With a beautiful setting just ten minutes away from the coastline of Sintra's National Park, we are the most inviting yoga meditation retreat Portugal has to offer. You'll get to take in soaring views of cliffs and ocean waves as you continue your inner journey toward health and wellness. For an idea of what to expect during your yoga and mindfulness retreat here at Shamballah, keep on reading.
The Shamballah Yoga Retreats are perfect for couples, small groups, and solo journeyers alike. As a fully immersive yoga and mindfulness retreat, our trained and certified staff is always at the ready to guide you on your journey toward health and wellness. After waking up at our venue, which houses up to eight guests, you will be greeted by views of the ocean, the forest, and the natural world that Portugal is known for. During this period, you can embrace our morning yoga or meditation as a way to start your day.
As the most exciting yoga retreat Lisbon has to offer, there are more activities to enjoy and embrace outside of the venue. When you are done with your morning meditation and yoga, you might find it beneficial to head to the beautiful coastline that cradles Sintra's National Park. This sprawling beach is the perfect place to surf, swim, or take in the views. We also offer beachside meditation and yoga, so stay abreast of the different activities available during your stay. Of course, for the more exciting visitors, there are numerous surf classes available in the immediate area. Surfing and yoga work together in concert to keep both your mind and body sharp. Yoga helps with your flexibility which will increase your chances of success while surfing. Much like other aspects of our life, beneficial hobbies tend to complement one another.
To make sure that you get the perfect experience during your retreat, take the time to look at the different packages available on our website. As the most immersive yoga retreat Lisbon travelers like to visit, we know that you want to get your money's worth. Our Yoga and Meditation Retreat By the Sea package includes five nights of accommodation with a free breakfast buffet every morning as well as lunch and dinner to follow. Along with your lodging and dining benefits, you'll enjoy guided yoga and meditation classes as well as all the expertise that we have available to share.
Don't let your next trip be a forgettable one. Call our team at the Shamballah Yoga Retreats today!

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