We invite you to expand your experience here by learning how to quickly check in and connect mind and heart with this 5 step technique.

From the Retreat to Real Life​: activating the best version of ourselves in everyday day routine.

Living Beyond Concept​: it’s easy to say that if we live with more Clarity, Accuracy, Creation, Commitment and Confidence we’ll live with
purpose. The challenge is to do it in the common everyday life when we forget our connection with the divine source.


The best of us doesn’t live in an imagined future and it isn’t a destiny to reach. It is hidden in the NOW and ready to be used: all that is missing is knowing and practicing how to connect frequently with the inner self.


During this 2 hour class you’ll learn a 5 Step Dialog that will allow you to shift your internal states and connect mind and heart in any situation.

FLOW allows us to disassemble the automatic thought and emotional patterns that get triggered in day-to-day circumstances and aligns our internal resources with what we know we want to be and create in every relationship.

This is the best possible space from which to act in integrity with ourselves and for the good of all beings.

FLOW is all about creating a redemptive dialog between mind and heart that dissolves the internal division.


Slow Down. Feel. Connect... Then Act.

What you’re looking for already exists inside yourself.

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