Patricia was born in Lisbon and studied Sports and Physical Education at University (5 years).

She is passionate about Dance, body consciousness, Meditation and the Holistic approach of Life.

Since 1992, she's been teaching and inspiring people through different types of bodywork: body&mind, dance, conscious movement, postural/restorative, somatic awareness, fascia release, personal training/therapy.

She is a certified Yoga, Fitness and Pilates Instructor. Her classes combine sequences and exercises specially designed in a flowing and creative way to suite all levels and create a balanced and healing practice that nurture body, mind and soul.

She also works as a ZenShiatsu Therapist since 2005,  balancing people's energy and aligning their physical, mental and emotional bodies.

In 2009 she met her Spiritual Master and started to go deeper in Meditation, being committed to practice mindfulness and spirituality in her daily life, after living 4 years in a Meditation school (monastic life).

For more than 17 years, Surfing has also been part of her life and a way to connect with Mother Nature.


Zarqa has long been fascinated about the knowledge of Life that many different native people and ancient mystical traditions have. The inner journey of self-development took him to many different places, working with shamanic traditions, meeting and studying with Spiritual Master Tony Samara for more than 17 years.


He is trained and certified in a special style of Ayurvedic Massage and has been practicing since the year 2004.

For six years he lived in the Garden of Light, a school of meditation. Going deeper on this mystical path. Learning that meditation is the key to freedom and freedom is the key to happiness and joy.

Bringing meditation and massage together creates a great synergy.

Growing up by the Ocean developed a deep connection to this element and surfing is a great passion

We both had a dream to create a space that inspires people to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. In a warm and friendly environment, the proximity to the beauty of nature, the healthy vegetarian diet and all the practices that develop body and mind allow for greater clarity to make the choices that help us to live our dream!


We have a wealth of experience from living in schools of Meditation, cooking and nourishing groups for many years, teaching and practicing mindful body work for more than 20 years and over 14 years of awakening body consciousness through the healing touch of massage.


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